About 10km from the city center to the south, Prenn waterfall is the gateway to the romantic Da Lat city. This is one of the ecotourism sites situated in the remaining primeval forest. Located in the Prenn stream, with a height of about 9m and a width of more than 20m. With water plunged from above mixed with the wind’s blowing, the sound of the pine and the sound of flowing water, Prenn fall becomes more prominent and charming.

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According to the legend told by the village elders, the name of the waterfall comes from the K'Ho language, called Preh - which means Bitter Ca (because in the past, this area had a lot of bitter tomatoes growing from upstream until the end. downstream). Over time, the falls became known as Prenn.

Coming to Tea Resort Prenn, a historical attraction that visitors cannot ignore is Au Lac temple complex (Hungary temple).

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Au Lac Temple is located on the spiritual land of Phuong Hoang Mountain; It is a place to worship the Hung Kings, with a majestic and reverent appearance - a place where the spirits of heaven and earth converge.

Au Lac Temple


From a distance, the beauty of Prenn waterfall is enough to captivate visitors. The sound of water murmuring day and night, the sound of forest birds chirping, the sound of the wind rustling each thin pine branch, creating vibrant sounds like the joyful music of a spring girl rising to welcome visitors' footsteps. . At the foot of the waterfall, shimmering wildflowers bloom, making the landscape even more attractive.

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Prenn Waterfall was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and granted a national cultural and historical relic certificate in 2000. With the mission: IMPOSSIBLE - GIVE HAPPINESS, BUILD BEAUTIFUL LIFE, Tea Resort Prenn wishes to preserve and spread the traditional cultural values ​​of the ethnic group to domestic and foreign tourists, contributing to preserving the identity and developing Vietnam's tourism.

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If you are a lover of Da Lat, like to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the fresh air here Tea Resort Prenn definitely the ideal choice for the first stop whenever you have the opportunity to visit the land of thousands of flowers.

Immerse yourself in discovering and admiring the beauty of Tea Resort Prenn, friends!

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