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Overview of Tea Resort Prenn

Tea Resort Prenn is a resort located in Da Lat, Lam Dong - a place rich in 4,000 years of cultural history from the early days of building the country. 

This place is famous for its original natural green color and diverse resort ecosystem, in which unique green architecture is the perfect thread connecting people with nature, helping visitors immerse themselves in a peaceful space. of the sacred Phoenix mountain complex.

Travel Thac Prenn
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Tea Resort Prenn is located at the foot of Prenn Pass, only about 10 minutes drive from the center of Da Lat towards Lien Khuong highway.

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With many types of resorts and diverse amenities, this place is like a miniature dream city offering 5-star vacations for Vietnamese and international tourists, promising to be an ideal destination. Imagine and fully feel the beauty of each local landscape.

In addition to resort facilities, Tea Resort Prenn also owns a system of attractive entertainment services such as thrilling amusement parks, health and beauty care areas, luxurious meeting room systems, and culinary restaurants. international quality,... promises to bring visitors a vacation filled with inspiration and complete joy.

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Prenn waterfall
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Sightseeing complex

Prenn Waterfall

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Prenn Waterfall has an incomparable beauty. Not noisy, noisy, gentle Prenn waterfall exudes a calm and peaceful look, as if wanting the soul of tourists to settle down and mingle with nature.

Prenn Waterfall has a height of nearly 10m, a width of about 20m, flowing like a flowing silk strip, like the hair of Bach Mao Tien Co. Maybe that's why this place is also called Tien Sa waterfall. 

Temple complex

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"Water has source, tree has source", Vietnamese ethnic origin has been molded over time by the two words "compatriots", associated with the legend of Lac Long Quan and Au Co, associated with the state of Van Lang, the The first country in history was born and developed on the foundation of the brilliant Son Vi culture. Because of its long history and the convergence of the quintessence of heaven and earth, this place always transmits unique stories with spiritual imprints of its origin, thanks to that, the To Temple has survived until now without loss or deterioration. What a valuable treasure. 

Phoenix Mountain's children and grandchildren converge 

Paying homage to Heaven and Earth, Father Lac Hong 

The river echoes with the sound of bronze drums

Thank you for founding the country, the Dragon and the Fairy

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Service population

Experience swimming right in the heart of Da Lat

The ocean space at Tea Resort Prenn is vast and vast, like a real beach. Sea water is treated according to a perfect process to have natural blue clarity along with fine white sand and green coconut trees. Coming here, you will feel like you are enjoying your vacation at a real beach.

Soaking in the cool water amid the gentle sunshine of the Da Lat plateau will definitely bring an extremely relaxing time for all visitors.

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Lazy River + Cave

Stretching for 2.2km Surrounding the resort, a lazy river winds its way through the grounds, Villas and artificial caves..

You can soak in the fresh water while enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of Tea Resort Prenn. In particular, because of its winding and weaving design, the lazy river is completely in harmony with nature. There are swimming pool paths passing through, both sides are shaded by trees, creating a cool space and helping visitors feel like they are swimming in a real natural river..

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Located on an artificial beach and leaning against the majestic Voi Mountains, Tea Resort Prenn offers a variety of room types with modern and sophisticated design.

The villas at Tea Resort Prenn stand out for their modern style, optimal design in a cool green space, facing the plateau sea and leaning against the majestic Elephant Mountain, surrounded by flower gardens and green trees. From each villa, visitors can see the immensity of the sea and sky and the complete charming scenery of the country. With spacious and private space, full amenities and diversity, the Tea Resort Prenn villa system brings a completely new vacation style: a combination of 5-star resort-class service standards and a sense of luxury. Cozy and close like home.

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At Tea Resort Prenn Showroom, we display all kinds of Tea & Coffee along with products such as bird's nest, silk, etc. You can learn about the origin and production process of the products as well as enjoy the aroma. Specialties of Da Lat's mountains and forests.

In addition, the Tea Coffee & Coffee reward space is designed to be cozy, sophisticated, and airy, a place for all customers to connect with family & relatives.

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Not only known as a multi-purpose entertainment complex, Tea Resort Prenn is also a convergence of exciting, exciting and adventurous games for different ages, a land of dreams and dreams. amazing adventure.

Divided into a thrilling play area and a children's entertainment area with meticulous preparation and ensuring absolute safety, Tea Resort Prenn brings you intense, stimulating and exciting experiences. guide.

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